Sunday May 15, 2022

12 Erotim Long Love Condoms (Delayed Climax)


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THE LONG LOVE CONDOM helps men last longer in bed. Get more staying power and please your partner when you use long love condoms. The condoms are furnished with an ejaculation retarding paste which is free of fat and is applied to the inside of the condom. The paste liquifies at body temperature and quickly spreads over the entire inner surface of the condom. After copulation, the substance can easily be rinsed off with water. Put on the condom at least 3 minutes before copitation. The LONG LOVE CONDOMS are easily one of the best condoms available in the world today. The condoms are electronically tested and made in Germany. Each condom is made from natural caoutchouc latex, cylindrical form, with reservoir, natural colored, with powder and coitus prolonging paste. This coitus prolonging paste extends love making for hours. Production of these condoms are effected in accordance with the latest health standards- ISO 4074. These condoms made of natural latex are considered as medical products for the sake of contraception and protection against sexually communicable illnesses. Condoms should be stored at fairly low room temperatures and protected against light and humidity. Ingredients: with retarding (coitus prolonging) substance, active agent : benzocaine (7 %), added as a liquefied paste inside the condom, sealed-up in a square golden alu-compound-fo


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